The Peloponnese

This southern peninsula  is rich in culture and natural beauty therefore the most popular region of the Greek mainland. Corinth Canal connects mainland of Greece and Athens with the Peloponnese.

Anciently known as the Moreas,  the Peloponnese includes ancient sites such as the Homeric palace of Agamemnon at Mycenae, Nestor’s at Pylos, the famous for its symmetry and the incredible acoustics theatre of Epidaurus, the sanctuary of Olympia, the medieval remains of Venetian, Frankish and Turkish castles of Nafplio, Methoni and ancient Corinth, the battle towers and frescoed churches of the Mani and of course the extraordinary Byzantine enclaves of Mystra and Monemvasia. The Peloponnese is an excellent choice for relaxation because of the fine beaches and the superb inland landscape. Visit the Arcadian hill towns, the Argolid, rich in ancient history and just a couple of hours from Athens, Corinth or even the famous wineries of Nemea. Surrounded by sea from all sides, Peloponnese is a place with fabulous beaches and crystal water.


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